Planetary Gearbox

Khoshidi Gearbox in Iran are known as Solar Gear, Star Gear, Star Gear, Planetary Gearbox, Planetary Gear and Compact Solar Gearbox. The solar gearbox consists of different classes depending on the amount of reduction required. In each class, the gearbox ratios can be changed independently. In this way, the input circle is reduced to each floor and transferred to the next floor.

Advantages of solar gearbox:

The features of the solar gearbox or in other words the features of the planetary gearbox are as follows:

  1. Due to the versatility of the solar gearbox, different cost ranges can be achieved.
  2. The conversion ratio per solar gearbox varies from 3 to 7.
  3. Solar gearbox can be installed in different angles
  4. The efficiency of the solar gearbox is much higher than the helical gearbox and helical gearbox
  5. Due to the steel gears as well as the balanced load distribution between the gears in the solar gearbox, it has both a longer life span and a longer durability against higher loads.
  6. The solar gearbox has a very high torque range.
  7. It has a smaller volume than the helical gearbox and helical gearbox.
  8. Poor gear and high precision machining in gears is another advantage of a solar gearbox.
  9. Possibility of very simple and fast coupling of electromotor to solar gearbox

What is a Solar Gearbox?

The solar or planetary gearbox has a central gear that is surrounded by a planetary weed gear around or a pion that is united on a carrier shelf or planetary carrier. In the solar gearbox, the Harvey gear also slides around the center axis (the sun gear). A solar gearbox consists of a winding solar gear and a number of stellar gears and a star gear rack. As a driving force, they transmit power. The following image shows the solar gearbox:


Solar gearbox


Solar Gear Consumption:

Today, solar or planetary gearboxes have gained wide prominence in various industries because of their benefits. These industries include Packaging, Wind Turbine Gear, Batching Gear, Wind Turbine Gear, Cement Mill Wing, Minerals Crushing, Rolling, Landing Winch, Conveyor Gear.



Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of solar gearboxes?

A: Solar gearboxes have a special place in the industry today because of their advantages. For example: high durability during use, high efficiency at use (up to 98 % ), generating torque from about 700 Nm to 550000 N with a gearbox, low volume compared to similar gearboxes, very sound Low operating time, variations from half to about 500 rpm, high vertical and horizontal loads on the shaft and simple repairs are the most important advantages of solar gearboxes.

Any advice for buying a solar gearbox?

A: Experts from the highly experienced industrial commodity group are ready to buy and sell solar gearboxes. Online communication and phone calls are two easy ways to get the best advice on buying a solar gearbox.

Where is it possible to download a solar gear catalog?

A: To download the catalog of all types of industrial gearboxes, including solar gearboxes , helical gearboxes and coils you can visit the Catalog Bank page.


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