Industrial Jet Heaters

The use of a jet heater to provide greenhouse heating is very common. Especially the non-flammable type of Jet Heater which has a very high thermal efficiency is widely used in poultry, quail and turkey breeding halls. Using a jet heater or rocket heater reduces the cost of maintaining and maintaining the heating system and has a direct impact on reducing fuel and electricity consumption.






Jet Heaters

The Jet Heater or Heaterjet is designed and manufactured in two sizes of 50,000 and 1? Furnace and board warranty year and one year warranty includes all parts. The entire interior and exterior body and jet components are pure and refractory steel stainless steel, which can neither rust nor oxidize due to moisture. 
Due to the constant and frequent ventilation of poultry farms using large fan and 140 * 140 fan fans, using a chimney heater jet has a very high economic cost and reduces fuel consumption.
Jet heaters have a fan that uses a very powerful Tabriz motogen to blow hot air to the bottom of the poultry and to warm the environment.Jet heaters work automatically and you just have to enter the temperature of the room you need. The rest will be done automatically and the room temperature will be set to the desired temperature. 
Do you have jet heaters? Year warranty for electronic board and? Furnace year and one full year include all parts and after ten year warranty it has ten years of after sales service

Benefits jet heater: 
high performance and reasonable price 
system, flame spread and ignition unique 
setting the Auto Salon on the desired temperature without the need for manual intervention 
small size and does not require large space for installation 
, maintenance and service is very easy to 
reduce consumption Electricity is considerable

Industrial jet heaters are used in many industries.


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