Behkar Gearbox with size 86

The worm gearbox is used for lifts very much. This gearbox is used as a lift gearbox. The gear ratio is generally 1 to 46 and has a special place in Iran. Sahand Gearbox is the manufacturer of this gearbox. Contact sales experts for more details and product catalogs.

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  • The gearbox is widely used in construction lifts. The price of this gearbox is much better than other similar brands and is the most widely used among the types of coils. Contact your sales experts for gearbox purchase advice. It should be noted that the gearbox is manufactured only in size 86 and in a ratio of 1 to 46 and is suitable for conventional lifts.

    The important thing is that the cochlear gearbox should not be used for elevators and lifts for living beings as there is a possibility of reversal and danger for this gearbox. The VF 86 gearbox is also used in small batchers. The gearbox body is made of aluminum and has a brass rib. Mardon is also steel. This gearbox is manufactured by Sahand Isfahan Company and is generally fitted with a 3-horsepower 1,400 horsepower motor.

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