Chinese worm gearbox

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Has 12 months warranty if consumer choice is correct.
Will approve the union inspector to approve the transmission.

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  • Gearbox is a set of gears used to transfer power from a power source. An industrial gearbox is also a type of gearbox used for transmission and power generation. The gearbox is usually used immediately after the power source (electric motor) and has the task of reducing or increasing torque. Industrial gearboxes are usually used as a reduction, except in special cases, for example, tractor-driven gearboxes that are manufactured incrementally.

    Industrial box clamps are used in a variety of industries such as steel, power plant cement, plastics, rubber, paper, elevators, leather, mines, foodstuffs or even in materials handling equipment such as lifts and conveyors.


    The location of the coaxial gearbox (Chinese book gearbox) is used and the purpose of its use plays a major role in the choice of any coaxial gearbox.

    The use of the coil gearbox enables:

    • The system works without complexity and convenience
    • Increase productivity
    • Save time and money
    • Reduce maintenance costs
    • Reduce the noise caused by system performance
    • Reduce power loss

    When selecting a coil (Chinese NMRV), always consider its quality and durability. In a Chinese coil (NMRV), quality and durability do not only mean the raw materials used in the body and the interior, but also the way it is cut. Eating components and machining operations on components, efficiency, after-sales service, etc  are also important.

    This type of spiral gearbox (Chinese cubic gearbox) has a simple yet powerful structure, as well as being self-locking in addition to changing speed. The structure of the coil gearbox generally consists of a brass gear and a steel brace. The Chinese cubic gearbox is also a coil gearbox. The Chinese Book Gearbox (NMRV Coil Gearbox) has a 90 degree structure and is therefore widely used in industry.

    The amount of torque transmission in each gearbox depends on the gearbox conversion ratio, depending on the number of gears incorporated in the gearbox and the internal gearboxes, whether solar or helical or cubic. The conversion ratio in the 50 Chinese Type Cubic gearbox varies from 7.5 to 150.


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