Iran tolid HF3 gear pump

The shell and internal components of the Iran Tolid HF3 like bearing of gear pump can be repaired and replaced.

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  • General specifications
    6 Months
    Pump Brand
    Iran Tolid
    Technical Specifications
    Pump shell material
    Cast Iron
    Gear Material
    Maximum pump head range
    30 to 45 meters
    Maximum pump discharge range
    2 to 3 cubic meters per hour
    Pump Inlet Diameter
    1 inch
    Pump outlet Diameter
    1 inch
    Type of Pump
    Gear Pump
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    • 8/23/2020
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    why dont you mentioned working pressure?
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  • Recognition of HF3 gear pump

    HF3 gear pump is one of the types of positive displacement pump that is widely used in pumping of thick materials. This pump is an external gear pump capable of pumping fluid up to 50 meters in height. Simple HF3 gear pump is widely used for pumping diesel and thicker fluids. The external gear pump is connected to the electromotor by coupling. The maximum distance that the manufacturer intends for a gear pump electromotor is 1400 rpm. However, this value is intended for light fluids with a viscosity of about 40 centistokes.

    What fluid is the HF3 gear pump for?

    For heavier fluids, an electric motor of 900 rpm is recommended, and for very thick fluids with a viscosity of about 140 centistokes, an electric motor of 700 rpm can be coupled to this gear pump. Depending on what electromotor and with what power the coupler is coupled to it, different discharges and heads can be expected from the HF3 gear pump.

    What is the coupling with the HF3 pump?

    Depending on how much flow you need, you can use different electromotors to pair with HF3. For example, for a light fluid with a viscosity of up to 40 centistokes, coupling the HF3 pump with a 1.1 kW 1,400 rpm will give you about 50 liters per minute. However, if your fluid is heavy and has a viscosity of more than 100 centistokes, you must choose a 1.5 kW 1400 rpm dynamometer so that you can pump 50 liters per minute.

    Can very thick fluids be pumped with HF3?

    The big advantage of gear pumps is the very thick fluid pumping. It should be noted, however, that solids should not be pumped into solids by fluid. So if you choose the right and appropriate power of the motor with the pump needed, you can also pump very thick material with the HF3 pump.

    Refer to the Related Files section for the dimensions, specifications and data sheets of the Iran Tolid gear pump production.

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