About KalaSanati

Perhaps we can safely say that the biggest advantage of Internet business development is the removal of intermediaries. All manufacturers who produce quality goods tend to sell and sell their products in a healthy environment. In the traditional market, it's often seen that because of unhealthy competition, start-up businesses that have been producing new products with new technology are quickly removed from the wheel because of insufficient support. KalaSanati with the aim of identifying Iranian quality goods to target customers has taken a long step to eliminate intermediaries. Hence, by adding a section of the Consumer Products Industry Panel, it is ready to support domestic producers.

Today, the development of online stores and the introduction of products through the Internet has led to significant growth in the quality of service delivery. The biggest advantage of online stores is saving time to choose the best product. On the other hand, today there is less that anyone can buy without investigating the goods, and this will be available on the Internet. KalaSanati are not just an online store, but they always try to help them with the training of clients through training seminars and providing help books to choose the best goods. Among the missions of this collection are the use of the most recent teaching methods, the provision of expert services and the familiarization of contacts or industrial goods.

The group of KalaSanati has been established since 2003 with an experienced team with the aim of supplying industrial goods and quality promotion of technical services and today is considered as one of the largest suppliers of industrial goods in Iran. Providing technical advice on choosing the best product, dispatching specialist to identify and assessing the needs of customers, supplying equipment from reputable domestic and foreign brands, transporting, installing and commissioning equipment on-site, responsible and after-sales service, repairing and supplying spare parts Of the services of this collection.

One of the great benefits of the KalaSanati group is the use of expert industry experience and the insertion of valuable texts in relation to various products, as well as answering the customer's questions below each product, which distinguishes this online shop.

Our goal in the KalaSanati portfolio has been to improve the quality of the educational and store services, to provide services according to regular schedules, continuous training of online and customer personnel, to provide scheduled services and to increase customer satisfaction. In this regard, while serving qualified personnel and training technical experts and obtaining reputable dealers, the establishment of an advanced storefront for industrial goods, construction and instrumentation seeks to achieve the group's goals and develop this department store.

 KalaSanati store, in addition to selling industrial goods in Iran, is proud to send pumps, industrial gearboxes and electromotors to Pakistan and Afghanistan, and it is also involved in the export of industrial goods to neighboring countries.

 Order process in KalaSanati

The group of KalaSanati, in cooperation with companies and specialized groups in the field of electric motors, pumps and industrial gearboxes in Mashhad, is ready to design, manufacture and repair various types of industrial goods and ship to Iran. Therefore, you can register any order for KalaSanati in the ordering order section and track it with the tracking code until it reaches the result. Also, orders for repairing an electromotor, repairing the industrial pump and repairing the industrial gearbox can also be registered in the repair department so that technical experts will contact you after the inspection.

Many friends have been helped to build the Industrial Products Website. Therefore, we are extremely grateful to these loved ones for this collection.