Kermas DC Electromotor

DC Electromotor with Mark Kermas is  one of the famous brands for producing DC Electromotors in Turkey. Kalasanati Online Store provides all products of this brand. Turkey's Kermas Electromotor is powered by one hundred watts up to 500 watts as well as 800 rpm, 1400 rpm and 3000 rpm. Considering the market for miscellaneous items of this brand, make sure the product is genuine before buying. Karmas is also represented in Iran. Kermas DC Motor dealer in Iran is very active and has good after sales service.

Kormas Elektrikli Motor   Company was founded in 1996 in Istanbul, Turkey, with the aim of producing and producing various types of electric motors. Its brand is SGkormas and has an annual output of 40,000 engines. Company Kormas Elektrikli Motor compared to other peer companies that can benefit or at least most of them have all kinds of motors such as a steam engine car, engine ventilation, motors DC and diesel engines to be produced in different sizes. 

One of the most widely used types of Kermas DC electromotor in Iran is 190W 24V which is used in elevator doors. This engine is available in two types of 1400 and 1600 rpm. Below you can see a sample of 1400 rpm.

Karma DC Motor

Company Krmas Kormas including companies active in the field of automotive industry in addition to manufacturing these devices in applications such as elevators electric motors, motor carriages (Motor Wheel), electric bicycle motors and electric induction motor serves.

Krmas engine Kormas  in 2002 received the standard certificate ISO 9001: 2000 as well as other certificates such as ISO-TS 16949: 2000 also received.

70% of DC DC engine outputs are delivered to Karmas Komras company in various parts of the world including Iran. Karmas Komras Turkey, in addition to being famous for its volume of products, has gained worldwide recognition for its quality control system. As time went on, the number of products and products increased and led to the development of the factory.

The new building Krmas factory Komras in June 2004 and August 2005, with an area of 5000 square meters indoor area was Sakhthvprdakhth. The factory performs all the necessary activities to advance production processes, such as machining, packaging, punching, laboratory and research.

Considerations related to  electric DC Krmas  :

  1. Before buying a DC electric motor, tell the sales specialist the type of motor (12 or 24 V).
  2. The DC-Karma electromotor has different models and sizes (gearbox DC motor, or coil DC motor).
  3. To get the price of electric DC Krmas your application via the link can communicate with us please send.
  4. DC-Karma electromotors are widely used in many factories, amusements, robotics, elevators and textiles.
  5. Kermas DC Electromotor is one of the most popular in Iran and the kalasanati store sends these products all over Iran.
  6. Available from 100 watts to 500 watts.
  7. One of the benefits of Kalasanati online store is that you can buy this product in both single and wholesale.

Get in touch with technical experts for a Kermas Turkey catalog and sales experts for a Kermas Turkey Electromotor Price List  .




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